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Financing our clients' success one customer - one h u m a n - t o - h u m a n - at a time, since 1992.

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Human 2 Human Equipment Financing with Integrity
We take your business personally.
Sales Support integrates into an organization by advising and consulting upper management, then blending with the sales team and becoming part of the sales process to help close the deal.

Our “high-touch” sales process, as opposed to high volume, low-touch IT process driven environment means we are in step with you, every step of the way.

Most often, we’re introduced into the sales cycle early on and take over the financial side of the sale, negotiating, relentlessly following up and using our skill set to help drive and close business for you.


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30+ Years

How We Can Help

Simply put, we drive business. Whether through experience tested financial services programs or through expertly developed solutions to acquire equipment, we have the knowledge and resources to grow your business.

Financial Services

Vendor Services – we expertly develop and manage your financial services program, allowing you to return resources and focus on your core business. With our Managed Program Approach, we become a true partner within your organization.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

Direct Financing – we create competitive equipment leasing and financing solutions to help you acquire the equipment you need. Leverage our resources, expertise and our 30 years of commitment to our clients to discover competitive solutions for your business.

Portfolio and Banking Programs

Expert Evaluation – Maximize your portfolio through the sale or purchase of assets. Increase value and efficiency through our lending programs that can establish leasing departments, acquire bulk assets, or increase lease receivables.

Client Success Stories

Direct Financing

Regardless of your credit rating, history, years in business or collateral needs, we assist companies who need to acquire equipment through competitive financing and leasing products.

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Vendor Services

With our Managed Program Approach, we become a true partner within your organization. We help our customers increase their equipment sales and profits through expertly designed and implemented financial services programs that complement your core business operations.

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Our Clients H2H Experience

At Sales Support, we offer our clients  “human-to-human” (H2H) relationships built on trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, character, and friendship.

Need a boost in sales or equipment to grow your business? We can help!
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About Sales Support, Inc.

Our Vision and Values

Character Counts: Be accountable for, and proud of your conduct.

Changes: If changes need to be made, make everyone aware of how and why.

Conflicts: Avoid actual and/or perceived conflicts of interest. Always clarify.

Commission: Honor all vendor and business relationships as partners first; participants second.

Let's Change B2B to H2H